Jennifer White, Ph.D. Writing Consultant

Hourly Tutoring: $65 pay-as-you-go 
(sliding scale available depending on your situation)

I meet with you to brainstorm ideas for improving a specific writing project. During the process, we can practice writing skills and a writing process that works for you. The hour cost can be pro-rated to the 1/2 hour after the first hour. 

College Essay Boot Camp: $100

The ideal group for this is 4, so gather some friends and/or check on existing enrollment. You and your fellow boot-campers will develop your college essay personal statement in a workshop environment. We will coordinate calendars to arrange three meetings. The first meeting will help you get started on your essay. Everyone will submit their first draft to the group in the second meeting. We will workshop all the drafts in the spirit of mutual support and improvement. Everyone will revise and then submit their revision to the group in the third meeting. All revisions will be workshopped again, and you will leave with a plan of execution for a strong personal statement. 

* Service summary: 3 meetings, 2 workshopped drafts. We decide the schedule as a group.

College Essay Package:  $250

You give me a draft of your admission essay, no matter how rough. I read it, make detailed comments on your document, and write a summary about how to make it great. We meet either in person or by phone (your choice) to review my suggestions and develop a writing plan and timeline.  You give me your revision. The process is repeated: I edit, we meet, you revise. I will take one final look at the essay and send you final comments. 

* Service summary: 3 edited drafts, 2 meetings of between 30 and 60 minutes each.

Writing Project Package: $125

You send me a draft of a writing project. I read it, make detailed comments on your document, and write a summary of suggested improvements. We meet in person or by phone to review my suggestions and brainstorm new directions. You revise your project and email it to me. I provide you written feedback on your revision through email. 

* Service summary: 2 edited drafts, 1 meeting (between 30 and 60 minutes long).