Jennifer White, ph.D. Writing COACH

Writing Tutoring:

     Are you out of ideas or words?  Maybe your deadline is near and you need to speed?  Or maybe you are driven to become a better writer? 

     I can help you with any project!  In the process, you’ll learn how to master your writing process and create original, quality work every time.  Find out how good it feels to express yourself well!

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College and Graduate School Application Essays: 

     Is there anything as fraught and unpleasant as writing your personal statement? Bah! 

     Yes, the stakes are high--you HAVE to grab the spotlight in a highly competitive environment. With more applications for the same number of slots at every university, a dazzling personal essay is vital.  This is your audition. They’ve seen your grades, your test scores, and your activities, so this is your chance to dramatize the INVISIBLE YOU—the person you are OFF the record.  This is the true key to landing your application in the YES stack. 

     Let’s work together to develop your unique voice and vision. We will animate your essay and polish your presentation until star quality shows.  The process need not be overwhelming and difficult! If we apply some spirit and elbow-grease, I think you’ll be impressed with not only what you can do, but how how much you can enjoy doing it. Let’s make you shine!

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